Fun With Telemarketers


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Repeat what they say. Keep repeating them until they ask you to stop, when they ask why. Reply that you are training to be a telemarketer.
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Submitted by: brettlova
Insist that the caller is really your buddy Leon, playing a joke. "C'mon Leon, cut it out! Seriously Leon, how's your mom?"
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When you know that is it a telemarketer, start reciting Row Row Row Your Boat....if they don't interrupt, then (when your done) say "this is a recording, and if you hang up I'll press redial, and start all over again."
If they interrupt, say furiously "Excuse me!, but I'm trying to sing here!!!!" sing louder and slower until they hang up.
If they listen to the whole song the first time say, "You're the only one who hasn't fallen asleep yet, so I'll sing it again for you."
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Submitted by: Brandon
While talking, drop ice cubes in the toilet and keep the conversation going as long as possible. Ask questions like as if you are really interested in the product, then flush the toilet and say I'm sorry but I'm not really interested, thanks anyways...
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Submitted by: (-(me)-)
Respond "Shhhh!!! (name they ask for) is sleeping, your too loud please be quiet" After they quiet down, say again "You're still too loud!" do this until they get to a very quiet whisper and then scream "IM SORRY I CANT HEAR YOU, YOUR TOO QUIET!!!"
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Submitted by: ME
After each question they ask you say "no" ... for example ... are you the owner of the house? "no" can I speak with the owner please? "no" do you know a good time to call back? "no" ... so on and so forth.
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Submitted by: salty03
Tell the telemarketer you have someone on the other line and to hold on a second, press a button on the phone and say "Hey Susan, I'll have to call you back I have one of those stupid telemarketers on the other line" press a button again and say, "Now what was it you wanted?"
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Submitted by: iRaWk484
When you answer, stick the phone in the microwave(don't turn it on) This way they can hear themselves and find out how rediculous they sound.
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Submitted by: barisaxgirl89
Tell them to talk VERY SLOWLY, because you want to write EVERY WORD DOWN.
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Submitted by: 
During their spiel ask "Why?" after every sentence they speak.
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Submitted by: weewooweewoo
During the speech interupt and say "Are you Candian?" if they Say no... say "We only converse with Canadians".... If they say yes say..." We don't talk to your kind."
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Submitted by: Jonnybiker1990
Every time they say something, say "That's not true!"
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