Fun With Telemarketers


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"Can you hear me now? ...good" and keep saying that until they hang up.
3.8/5 (201 votes)
Submitted by: Emily21
Telemarketer:Can I ask you a few questions?
You: Only if I can ask you a few first?
Telemarketer: About the company?
You: No, hows life, married? kids? Favorite sex position?
3.8/5 (98 votes)
Submitted by: Sharo
While talking to the telemarketer, repeatedly ask him/her to push the pound key. Insist that it gives you pleasure and that you'll only be interested in their product if they push the pound key only when you say so.
3.8/5 (47 votes)
Submitted by: RonDog
After they introduce themself don't say anything. After they say "hello are you there". Press a bunch of buttons and then scream REALLY LOUD. hysterical crying or evil laughs work too. as do any FREAKY sounds.
3.7/5 (114 votes)
Submitted by: classact714
When the telemarketer asks to talk to "(name)". Ask them "Is this going to be important," before they answer respond "Yeah I didn't think so." and hang up.
3.6/5 (97 votes)
Submitted by: ERiNNicole81984
When they say their name say "That's my name too!", ask where they are from, respond "Hey I grew up there!" continue asking personal questions.
3.6/5 (48 votes)
Submitted by: divingoalie
Say "yo momma" after everything they say.
3.6/5 (143 votes)
Submitted by: 
"Um, I'm sorry, could you say that again. I was busy reading." After they respond again, Say, "I'm sorry, did you say something?" continue making up excuses.
3.6/5 (36 votes)
Submitted by: CheerChik
After the telemarketer tells you their name say, "What's the Lifespan of a Teddy Bear??"
3.6/5 (82 votes)
Submitted by: OhLeD09
When they say, Hello I'm (name) and I want to sell you blah. Say "Hello, I'm (their name) and I want to sell you a worthless piece of crap."
3.6/5 (84 votes)
Submitted by: yankeesrock251
You will need a male and a female for this...When they ask for (name) give the phone to that gender ... After they ask a question say "hold on let me ask my (husband/wife)" have the person get on the phone they will ask the same thing then say "hold on let me ask my (wife/husband)" repeat until they hangup.
3.6/5 (53 votes)
Submitted by: *~Jenny~*
Start spilling your guts out to them. Say something like, "My (boyfriend/girlfriend) just turned down my marriage proposal!" or "I have a really bad corn on my big toe. Do you know anyone who could fix it?"
3.5/5 (54 votes)
Submitted by: crazycat001

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