Fun With Telemarketers


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Ask, "Are you a girl or a guy, I can't quite tell?" wait for their answer and reply "OH! I thought you were a (say the opposite of the gender they are)"
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Start to tell them stories about yourself like, "Hey do you like to snowboard? Oh, you don't? Well, thats to bad, because its a great sport. You know, once I was snowboaring..." and continue on until they hang up.
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Submitted by: dumblonde
After the telemarketer tells you about their product say "I don't want to buy it from you, is there any where else I can buy it?"
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When they tell you what they're selling ask them if they could sell you weed instead, and when they insist that they aren't selling weed, ask them if they have any heroine, if they say no say what kinda drug dealer are you and hang up!
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Submitted by: Jen
Tell the telemarketer you are "grounded" and ask if they could bring you some beer.
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After the telemarketer tells you about their product you ask, "You want me to pay money for that?"
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Submitted by: SSJ4Track
After every question they ask, say "maybe"
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Submitted by: Kole17
Tell them you think they are pretty.
3.3/5 (73 votes)
Submitted by: Gina
Keep asking the telemarketer for their autograph.
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Submitted by: ~MOUSE~
Say in a whisper loud enough to be heard "do you have the weed?" If the telemarketer says he's calling the police offer him some for free.
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Submitted by: james c
Communicate only through Morse code.
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Say "AND?" anfter every sentence they say.
3.0/5 (37 votes)
Submitted by: annoyinglilbrat

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