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Say in your most business-like, STRAIGHT-FACED voice "Butler County Sperm Bank, you make it, we pack it! This is (your name), how can I help you?"
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Submitted by: IneedTherapy
Answer: "911 Emergency. What is your emergency?"
They will be confused. "Hello? What is your emergency?"
Telemarketer: "Um, no emergency... wrong number"
Reply: "A wrong number eh? What other number is three digits? We are sending an officer over immediately."
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"You're the sixth caller to KFWT radio. Just answer this question to win $25,000.

Who was the first United States president?"
When they say "George Washington", tell them they won the $25,000. Ask for their name, address and phone number. Then tell them to go home immediately to receive a confirmation call.
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Have two people pick up the phone. At the same time, say "Hello?" after that, say "(Other persons name) is that you? " Then, the other person goes "(your name) is that you? Holy Cow!" Continue talking, and if the telemarketer says anything, say "Excuse ME, stop INTERUPTING!" If the telemarketer doesn't hang up, start arguing about who will hang up first.
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Submitted by: Coffeefreak32
Answer the phone and say - "Hello", when they ask to speak to your parents ask them to hold, and then start playing Mary Had a Little Lamb on the phone, heres how; 6,5,4,5,6,6,6 - 5,5,5 - 6,9,6,5,4,5,6,6,6,6 - 5,5,6,5,4
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Submitted by: psychoferret
Dial random buttons, and mutter to yourself, just loud enough to be heard: "Darn phone won't dial." in an angry voice.
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Say "Hello" in a quiet voice and say "shhhhh I'm trying to play hide and go seek" then start yellin at them for makeing you get found.
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Submitted by: aVzBaByGiRl22
Answer the phone and say bwahhhh and when they say "excuse me" say bwahhh again and when they say "Im sorry can you repeat that" Act like your mom just got on the phone and say "This is Laura's mom. My daughter is deaf and she said that you insulted her PLEASE LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE!!"
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Submitted by: me
Hello, you have reached the Public Safety Department, We specialize in the termination of Telemarketers. This is (your name), How may I help you today?
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Submitted by: lol
When you know it's a telemarketer scream "What?! You weren’t supposed to get out of jail for another month!" scream hysterically again and hang up.
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Submitted by: Z
This really only works if you have a younger child at your house.
When they ask for whoever, put the child on the phone and let them babble on to the telemarketer.
3.5/5 (49 votes)
Submitted by: sillyspiker814
Harry's whore house, Harry's not here, this is the whore. How may I help you?
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