Fun With Telemarketers


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"Hello, You have reached the hotline for idiots...I'm sorry all our lines are all full at the moment! Please hold!" Then play elevator music.
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Answer hello in a foreign language:
Bonjour - French
Hola - Spanish
Ni Hao - Chinese
Guten Tag - German
Continue speaking in a different language until they hang up.
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Answer - Taco Bell how may I help you? Continue to offer specials to the caller, like 2 tacos for $1, or "You sound hungry, $3 for 10 tacos!"
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Submitted by: Blondie
Instead of saying "hello" when you answer the phone, say, "Hello, You have reached the (your last name) Residence. We hate everybody and we want to kill ourselves. But don't worry because we're going to a mental hospital in a few days. Anyway, leave your message at the beep. BEEEEEEP." See if they hang up or not.
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Submitted by: ~*lololol*~
Run water and be like HEY!!! I'm currently using the bathroom ... can it wait ???
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Submitted by: dml406
911 is this an emergency?
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Hooter's of (city)! This is (name), how can I help you?
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Submitted by: Karen
Answer in a little kid voice..."I'm not supposed to talk to strangers"
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When you answer the phone, say Hi! Then go omigosh! I'm late, I'm late, I'm late. No time to say hello, goodbye I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!! Then hang up.
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Welcome to good burger home of the good burger how my I take your order?
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Submitted by: LulaByeBaby
Pick up the phone and say, "Hello, this is God speaking."
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Submitted by: yallnome
Pretend you are an answering machine, say "Hello you have reached the (your last name) residents, we are not available right now, please leave a message after the beep (press a button)" See if they leave a message, or they will just hang up.
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Submitted by: moo me

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