Fun With Telemarketers


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When they ask for Mr./Mrs. someone, Say "They arenít available, but here is Mr. Clicker" and hang up.
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Answer the phone by saying yellow...They will think you said hello...then once they start talking say random color purple, blue,red, orange!
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Submitted by: Hyperchic016
When the telemarketer calls, answer nervously and quietly, "Shhh! Careful! This line isn't safe. We need a hard line to discuss this kind of information. Okay, okay, I've secured the line. Do you have the codes? Give me the codes and you will get your money. Hello? Hello? Wait a minute.... who is this?"
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When they ask if you like their product respond, "no thanks, I'm gay" and hang up
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Say in a toddler voice, "You seem very strange. And my mommy said I am not allowed to talk to strangers"
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Submitted by: Anything
When the telemarketer starts talking, act like you have to different personalities. Start screaming at yourself and asking yoursef questions. Then ask the same questions in a different voice pretending that it was your other self.
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Submitted by: thisisme
Ask them "What channel and what time does SpongeBob SquarePants start?"
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Submitted by: And1Ball
When they ask for someone say in a very country hick accent "They are out back rebuliding the outhouse."
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Submitted by: someone
When you pick up the phone say hello in a little kids voice, they will ask for your mom or dad say "Ummm...I'm 36!" Hang up.
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Submitted by: angelofmine55
When the telemarketer askes if the Mr/Mrs. is home say, "I don't know. Are they?"
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Submitted by: Wittleblondangel
Simply ask the telemarketer how they got your phone number.
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Submitted by: TreysQT
I'm sorry... I'm blind... do you think you can send that to me in brail?
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Submitted by: jsosey

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