Fun With Telemarketers


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Sing in a Mentally Insane Voice at every question they ask: "I'll never tell...I'll Never Tell, I'LL NEVER TELL!"
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Try and sell them something back, like a vacuum cleaner.
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Submitted by: SprtsDreamer09
Talk to them as is you are interested, then put the phone close to the toilet and simply flush.
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Submitted by: MOI
Say whoever they ask for is not there, but say you're interested in their product. When they say they'll call back later, pretend to get really angry and demand to know how (name they ask for) is better than you.
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Pretend to be an old man who can't hear well and speaks with a heavy accent. This gets the telemarketer yelling and repeating themselves. Every time they start to hang up begin saying how much you like the product to keep them on.
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Submitted by: wyleycoyote
When you get through all the stuff and to the part about when they say "When can I call again" or "when is the best time to call", say "in about 30 secs" and hang up. If they actually call back do the same or scream at them for calling to late.
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Submitted by: Goose
Break in during their sales pitch and say, Do you like cheese? Keep repeating until they answer, if the do, start a discussion about types of cheese.
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Submitted by: welcome
If the telemarketer asks if your parents are there, act like you get them, and then start swearing at the kid for giving the phone because it was a telemarketer.
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When you are positive that it's a telemarketer: Press random buttons on the phone as if your bleeping out words "You *beep*, stop *beep* calling me, Your a *beep* *beep*."
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Submitted by: carlierox01
"Welcome to Baskin Robins, the home of 31 flavors. If you can name 31 flavors in 31 seconds you will win $31.00. Start now.
3.9/5 (109 votes)
Submitted by: lalalala123335756
Intterupt the telemarketer saying "Hey um, can you give me your rates and the rates of three of your competitors? know, I don't want to pay too much."
3.9/5 (72 votes)
Submitted by: jygirl8
If they ask,"Is your blah blah home?" respond with," They said they're not here."
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Submitted by: GiggleMonkey

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