Fun With Telemarketers


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When they ask if you wanna buy "blahblah", just say (very pleasently), "No thanks...I already have a penguin!" and hang up
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Say, "I wuv you", over and over agian, if they seem flatered, say you were talking to your dog.
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No matter who it is, tell them you have no interest whatsoever in what they are saying, but you would gladly talk longer if YOU got to choose the subject.
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Submitted by: 411_ProChick
Say my mom told me to tell you she isn't home.
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Submitted by: baskboy106
When they ask you if you would like to buy thier product, insist that you are selling the exact same product at the exact same price.
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Right after they say hello say "NO! There I just saved you 5 minutes of talking." and then hang up.
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Submitted by: sumone
"Hey look, I'm really busy right now, but if you give me your home number I'll give you ring later and we can talk about (whatever they are trying to sell you)".
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Submitted by: Jerry Seinfeld
Ask what company they represent, then say "Oh I'm sorry, that must be a horible place to work!
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Submitted by: WOZERS
Psychoanalyze them. Ask them if they really like their job…if it is a career. Ask them if they don't feel lousy keeping such a bad job. "You sound like a nice person why don't you find a job helping people? The local nursing home is hiring right now.
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Submitted by: wyleycoyote
It doesn't matter what they say, but after they say it. Say something funny like "Purply chunky funky monkeys", or "I see black dots"
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You sound like an intelligent person, why don't you try a more honorable job. What did you do wrong in your life do end up bothering people for a living?
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Submitted by: Ze Mane
I'm not really interested in your product, but do you have anything that removes telemarketers from the phone?
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Submitted by: i luv CoOkIeZ!

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