Fun With Telemarketers


 Category: LongDistance
Ask "Can you hear me now?" when they say yes tell them "Ok, my phone service is fine then"
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Submitted by: spoiled
I don't have a phone, why would I need long distance?
4.1/5 (180 votes)
Submitted by: Z
If they are trying to sell a Family & Friends Plan, reply "I don't have any friends. Would you be my friend?"
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Telemarketer: I'd like to offer you a great long distance plan...yada yada...
You: Really? Well at present time, I'm getting free long distance!
Telemarketer: How's that?
You: I'm screwing a guy/girl that works at sprint/MCI/ATT (whatever they don't represent)
4.0/5 (96 votes)
Submitted by: JessHnc
After they tell you the name of their company tell them, I'll make you a deal, I'll switch to your Long Distance Company if you'll switch to my Life Insurance Company, it's an excellant deal, I promise.
3.8/5 (78 votes)
Submitted by: dontsaysara
If they are selling long distance just keep saying hello?..hello?....hello?....darn this (whatever long distance company they are from), service isn't worth a hoot.
3.6/5 (54 votes)
Submitted by: momof3boys5
Tell them "Currently, anything past Saturn gets a little fuzzy can you do better?"
2.6/5 (92 votes)
Submitted by: LegacyWarlord868

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