Fun With Telemarketers


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Say in perfect English, "I don't speak English, sorry"
4.1/5 (275 votes)
Submitted by: Brandon
Say, "I'm blind, could you repeat that?"
4.0/5 (225 votes)
Submitted by: jessie
When they ask if your mom or your dad is there say "They are...but, they're having sex right now"
3.9/5 (160 votes)
Submitted by: o ya
If the telemarketer asks you how you are doing just reply with this:
"Things went real badly at work today. I got a pink slip and I will soon be unemployed. What's worse, on the way home I got a speeding ticket and I'm going to be in court. And when I got home I found a "Dear John" letter from my wife and she's left me. To top it all off my welfare check did not arrive and my ice box is empty and I don't know what I'll eat tonight. I spent my last dollar on the lottery and if I don't win I'm dead. Other than those troubles, everything is OK. How are things with you?"
3.9/5 (132 votes)
Submitted by: Shay
Telemarketer: Is Mr. (someone) home?
You: No he's in the back yard digging a hole, he's been out there for 6 days.
Telemarketer: Is there a Mrs in the house?
You: No, I haven't seen her for 6 days I don't know where she is, sorry!
3.9/5 (81 votes)
Submitted by: yourm
Ask them how much their product will bring on eBay.
3.9/5 (47 votes)
Submitted by: Z
Tell them to please hold while you do your buisness. Then making farting sounds in the phone and after 30sec come back breathing hard.
3.8/5 (95 votes)
Submitted by: the_wanderer_351
Say "Want to hear a cool noise?" ... then hang up.
3.8/5 (109 votes)
Submitted by: victor345
When they start talking, begin to listen. Then, in the middle of their speech, moan and say "(name of same gender), Stop it! I'm on the phone!" Apologize to the telemarketer and let them continue to talk. Moan sensually again, and say any of the fun phrases you can think of. Example: "Oh honey don't stop it feels so GOOD!"
3.8/5 (93 votes)
Submitted by: Novicia
Say "Oh they moved, and give them the number of someone you hate."
3.7/5 (42 votes)
Submitted by: HyperHottie328
Hi! Thanks for calling PAT, Prejudice Against Telemarketers. Please leave your name, address, social security number, and we will be right with you.
3.7/5 (71 votes)
Submitted by: JennyT
If you are a woman and the telemarketer ask for the "man" of the house, just say, "There is no man here this is a lesbian family!"...
3.7/5 (91 votes)
Submitted by: he-helol

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