Fun With Telemarketers


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Start preaching to them and asking if they have been saved. Also keep asking if they love Jesus over and over again. That gets them off the phone
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If they are selling some type of skin care product, say that you don't have any skin.
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Submitted by: Sparticus
Tell them whoever they ask for is out shoveling snow right now (only use this in non-wintertime)
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Submitted by: girlygirl
When the telemarketer calls, act very interested. Say you'll order the product, and then when they ask for your address say "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC"
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Submitted by: leftyrules4
If the company cleans, respond: "Can you get out blood? Can you get out goat blood? How about human blood?"
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Question the legality of every statement they make, ex. "Are you sure vacuum's are legal in my state?" ... "Are you sure I can travel without being arested?"
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Submitted by: Z
Regardless of male/female telemarketer, ask them what kind of panties they are wearing, then start asking them all kinds of sexual questions and pretend your getting aroused by it.
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Submitted by: UbloDirt
After they introduce them self say, "Are you that (their name) thatís been calling all week?! I'm calling the police and turning you in for harassment!" and hang up.
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If they are selling windows, tell them that you live in an underground sod house.
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Submitted by: hawk2985
When you pick up the phone and the telemarketer says "Hello". Turn on the vacuum cleaner and put it next to the reciever and say "I can't hear you! I'm vacuming!"
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Submitted by: melbelz
When they ask if your parents are home, say no ... they left me alone a week ago, I havenít seen them since, I'm very scared...Are you my new mommy/daddy?
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Submitted by: TADsGurl
If what they're selling is a cosmetic or medicinal product, tell them that you're from PETA and you have your people on their way to chain themselves to the door of their building.
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Submitted by: angrykitten768

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