Fun With Telemarketers


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Telemarketer: Is (name) there?
You: No, he/she doesn't live here anymore, but I'll tell you where he/she moved
*Then give them the number to a local cemetery
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Submitted by: Christine
Error 420 : We're sorry but the user you are trying to contact is too stoned and drunk to answer your call at this time.
2.9/5 (42 votes)
Submitted by: Tmon05
Tell them that you are telepathic so you can sense what they are selling, and you DO NOT want it!
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When they name the company they are representing, get angry all of a sudden and go off on them. For example, if they said they were from Verizon you get angry and be like "ITS ABOUT TIME YOU CALLED!! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO FIX MY PHONE SERVICE A WEEK AGO!! WHATS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS!!?"..or whatever you want depending on the company.
2.8/5 (38 votes)
Submitted by: SuRfAhStUdKeV21
Ask them are you watching the big ball game right now? If they say no tell them well I am, and start telling them who's winning. Then start screaming like your upset that your team is losing until they hang up.
2.8/5 (25 votes)
Submitted by: ME!
Telemarketer calls and asks about installing windows
2.6/5 (38 votes)
Submitted by: sweetkissez895
Simply say "no thank you" and then smoothly offer to sell your 1988 ford f150.
2.5/5 (46 votes)
Submitted by: kevin
If they tell you you have won a prize (these always fake), tell them that when you entered you decided that you like the prize so much you already went out and bought it. If they ask you which model/type, tell them that you couldn't decide and bought them all.
2.5/5 (38 votes)
Submitted by: freako24646747
Hey, I am on the fifth level of (game name here) and if you could just wait on hold for 5 minutes that would be great!
2.2/5 (48 votes)
Submitted by: 
Just say yes and hang up
2.1/5 (64 votes)
Submitted by: crazycarl

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