Fun With Telemarketers


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When The telemarketer tells you the selections on the survey, pick something not on the survey.
3.7/5 (165 votes)
Submitted by: SabuRVD
When they ask you if you want to take the survey, ask them if they would like to take the survey.
3.6/5 (112 votes)
Submitted by: wngs n thngs
Ask what the survey is about. No matter what they say, just say, "Oh, I see how it is. Oh Yeah, I see whats going on." then yell "YOU JUST WANT ME TO ANSWER ALL YOUR QUESTIONS TO YOU CAN GET ME IN BED. GUESS WHAT. ITS NOT WORKING THIS TIME!!!"
3.5/5 (174 votes)
Submitted by: Laxblack
Do I get paid for this? If they say no ask again and again and again until they hang up.
3.3/5 (86 votes)
Submitted by: shredder418
When you answer a question, do the whole Family Fued thing. SURVEY SAYSSS!!! If they say that's pretty good, start doing impressions of other people. "Wanna hear my impression of a cowboy? How about Obi-Wan Kenobe?"
3.1/5 (69 votes)
Submitted by: :0
When they ask a question, come up with answers that are not given.
2.8/5 (58 votes)
Submitted by: M_DeMarco
Ask them to fax the survey to you and make up a number.
2.5/5 (99 votes)
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