Fun With Telemarketers


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Ask if they can contact your parole officer to allow you to leave the state.
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This only works if your a kid.
If they are selling airplane tickets and they ask for your parents. Tell them that they died in an airplane crash...and you now live with you grandparents.
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Submitted by: A.W.
When a telemarketer calls and says you get some kind of special fare on a trip, tell them, "I can't go on a trip, I have a tether around my ankle because I'm on house arrest after spending 15 years in prison." When they ask you for what, or just tell them for what. "I murdered a telemarketer!"
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Submitted by: lstralle
If it is a travel agency say that you are a pothead and you want to go to Columbia. Keep asking him how much he pays for weed in Columbia, until he hangs up.
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Submitted by: BoardShorty67
If the call is for an airline say "No thanks, I bought my own plane"
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Trips are such a big waste one time I won a trip to Disney World and it said DisneyWorld LEFT!!
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Submitted by: Blondie

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