Fun With Telemarketers


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In the middle of the pitch say "Sshhhh!" and wisper like your scared "I think they're home." When he/she asks who, tell 'em, "The people who live here," then hang up abruptly.
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Submitted by: Zilla9
Have you seen my hampster? Oh no! Do you know how to get a hampster out of a drain? Let me turn on a light..." then turn on the garbage disposal and scream "NOOOOOOOOOOO" until they hang up.
4.6/5 (193 votes)
Submitted by: ME
Ask them what they think would happen if you put a frog in a blender. Later, tell them they were wrong.
4.4/5 (112 votes)
Submitted by: colerchangnlizrd
Say, "Hold on one second" find a large metal object and slam in on the ground as hard as you can, after doing so, yell "MY LEG" as loud as possible. Keep screaming until they hang up
4.3/5 (125 votes)
Submitted by: Laxblack
Two ppl must pick up the phone for this to work!
Do not speak to telemarketer!
You: (in a whispering, conspiriatorial voice) "Joe, is that you?"
"Joe": (use same voice quality)"Yeah, its me"
You: "Do you have it?"
Joe: "You checked the tap on this line, right?"
You: "Yeah, they haven't got us yet."
Joe: "Just making sure"
You: "Do you have it?"
Joe: "Yes. But I haven't figured out where to hide it."
You: "We'll think of something. Lie low."
Joe: "Right, boss."
(*if anyone asks, you were finding a place to stash your mother's b-day present)
4.2/5 (53 votes)
Submitted by: LC
Speak in a very young voice and say "Would you like to talk to my friend Timmy? Mommy says he's not real, but you believe me, don't you?" If they say no, start crying and say "Timmy says you hurted his feelings!"
4.1/5 (84 votes)
Submitted by: TwistedFreek666
When they are giving their description of the product…ring your door bell...go back to the phone and say can you hang on a second... and pretend there is a guy selling something at the door, say "I’ve told you how many times I am not interested!, Virginia get my Shotgun!" and then hang up.
4.0/5 (69 votes)
Submitted by: steven
If your a woman: Pretend your yelling at someone else "Oh my goodness Betty! Ben's cheating on me again and now the woman's calling me! I am going to kill him!" make sure the telemarketer can hear.
3.9/5 (56 votes)
Submitted by: *RBec*
3.8/5 (99 votes)
Submitted by: skankinjay22
When a telemarketer calls, in a 5-year old voice say "Daddy put down that gun......PUT DOWN THAT GUN!!!!!" and drop the reciever.
3.8/5 (89 votes)
Submitted by: HehHehgotcha
Answer the phone and listen attentively for a minute or so. Then say "Hang on a just a second" and make a sound like 3 or 4 rounds from a handgun. Then say "Weren't nuthin, just a rat. Go ahead."
3.8/5 (55 votes)
Submitted by: Shay
In your most serious nervous voice say, "Hey do you know how to get blood out of clothes?" or "Umm..Would you happen to know where you can discard of bloody garbage bags?"
3.7/5 (68 votes)
Submitted by: Anymounous

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